Meet Dr. Jared Simonson

Dr. Jared Simonson


Dr. Jared Simonson graduated from Rosalind Franklin University with his Doctor of Physical Therapy and has been practicing physical therapy in the Treasure Valley since 2011. During that time, he has honed his skills through continuing education and treating a wide variety of patients.

As a former collegiate athlete and high school football coach, Jared has a profound interest in the human body and helping others achieve their best level of physical fitness. He loves the challenge of formulating a plan of care to assist patients to progress beyond pain or regain former abilities. It is the passion for creating a patient-specific exercise prescription that drives him to keep learning.

Dr. Simonson is a skilled McKenzie Method practitioner, utilizing the systematic approach for spine, neck, and extremity pain. His detail-oriented nature helps him intuitively apply the McKenzie Method to help patients see results quickly. Because he has the heart of a teacher, he is also able to help the patient understand how to manage symptoms that may arise in the future.

Although highly methodical in his approach, Dr. Simonson’s real strength is demonstrated in inpatient care by easily connecting and building relationships of trust with those he serves. He has an innate ability to understand each patient’s unique needs. The rapport Dr. Simonson has established with patients and supporting staff has been essential to his clinical success.

Dedicated to health, fitness, and practicing what he preaches, Dr. Simonson can be found at the gym every morning by 4 AM. Fortunately for his patients, his working hours are much more reasonable. He has learned the value of starting (or starting over) at an appropriate level for the best long-term results.

Dr. Simonson met the love of his life while finishing his Bachelors at Idaho State University. He and Chrisanna married in 2003 and consider their daughter Paisley to be their greatest and most rewarding accomplishment. Currently, on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 6, he and his wife are budget nerds. Game nights, dance parties, even folding laundry: Dr. Simonson’s favorite thing to do is be with family regardless of the activity.

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